novellus "untitled"

novellus "untitled"


Six track Vinyl EP

01 |  tough - the song for secrets

02 |  reign - the song for pain

03 |  make love (in the jungle) - the song for fucking

04 |  talk back - the song for blameshifters

05 |  felt | the song for my gun

06 |  twenty eight - the song for loneliness 

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novellus writes his story in music, skewing and sampling his own sounds until it cuts sharp as a razor producing six fractured and slanted tracks about love, power and paranoia.

From smoke filled gambling dens and an itchy trigger finger pressed to a gun, to the claustrophobia of miscommunication and a room faraway from home, this is mutant-pop futurism, room shuddering beats and snap back melodies. Novellus focuses his attention on what matters most to him; a song for secrets, a song for pain, a song for fucking. It’s the music, it’s family, it’s love. A song for blameshifters, a song for a gun, a song for loneliness. What you need to know is in the grooves, the rest is distraction.


“..from the sound of this smoky, undulating R&B track, it's going to be your winter sex soundtrack” PAPER

“ …tweaked out synths riding a danceable beat.“ – NYLON Guys 

“He layers his filtered vocals over the claustrophobic drum patterns,  and he displays his distinct and interesting vocal delivery as it melts into the woozy beat.” – Complex 

"Novellus is spreading a sound that can dig into your heart while making you dance, burrow into your ear without circumventing your brain." - Indie Shuffle