Dressed In Dresden + Pigeons + Commotion 12"

Dressed In Dresden + Pigeons + Commotion 12"


All three of THITH Warp Records' 12" singles, includes the non-LP B-side "Aggravation (La La La) and Kyle Hall  remix.


Commotion (3:39 Edit)
Commotion (Tiger & Woods Remix)
Remix, Producer [Additional] – Tiger & Woods
Aggravation (LA LA-LA LA) [non-LP THITH track]
Commotion (Capracara's Red Zone Dub)


Dressed In Dresden:

Dressed In Dresden
Dressed In Dresden (Kyle MF Hall Remix)

Dressed In Dresden (Various Remix)
Dressed In Dresden (Maxime 2600 In My Hands Remix)



Pigeons (LP version)

Pigeons (Blawan's Bare Bones Remix)

Pigeons (Walls Remix)

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